UK proposes maintaining security cooperation with EU post-Brexit


UK proposes maintaining security cooperation with EU post-Brexit

Tue, 12 September 2017
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UK proposes maintaining security cooperation with EU post-Brexit

(ShareCast News) - The government has offered to maintain strong security connections with the European Union after it has departed from the bloc.
In a policy paper released by David Davis' Brexit department on Tuesday, the government proposed contributing military assets to EU operations, as well as cooperation on future sanctions as part of the deal.

Discussions between Davis's negotiating team and their EU counterparts have struggled to bring agreement on several issues relating to the UK's exit.

The new policy paper lays out how the 'significant amount of collaboration' between the UK and EU must continue if both are to stave off 'ever-growing global threats'.

"After we leave the European Union we will continue to face shared threats to our security, our shared values and our way of life," Davis said in a statement.

"It's in our mutual interest to work closely with the EU and its member states to challenge terrorism and extremism, illegal migration, cyber-crime, and conventional state-based military aggression."

Both the UK and mainland Europe have been targeted by increased terror attacks in recent years, which have hit cities such as London, Brussels and Barcelona.

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson pledged to work with the EU in order to prevent such incidents in the future.

"We will pursue a global foreign policy, and continue to work in partnership with our neighbours to promote peace, democracy and security in our continent and across the world," Johnson said.