Wednesday newspaper round-up: Syria, City of London, Tesla

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Wednesday newspaper round-up: Syria, City of London, Tesla

Wed, 05 April 2017
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Wednesday newspaper round-up: Syria, City of London, Tesla
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(ShareCast News) - Up to 100 people were killed and hundreds injured yesterday in the deadliest nerve-gas attack in Syria in four years, prompting international condemnation of President Assad's regime. Witnesses said that missiles filled with sarin nerve gas were fired by planes into Khan Sheikhoun, a frontline town in rebel-held Idlib province, early yesterday, suffocating civilians as they slept. - The Times
The future of an estimated 100,000 jobs has been plunged into doubt after a close political ally of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and president of the European commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, warned that a prized sector in the City of London, euro-denominated clearing, must relocate to EU soil after Brexit. - The Guardian

One is an automotive titan that has built more than 350m vehicles in an illustrious history spanning more than a century. The other is less than 15 years old and has never made a profit. And yet a 7% surge in the value of shares in electric car firm Tesla on Monday saw it zoom ahead of Ford Motor Company, in terms of its stock market value. As Wall Street closed for the day, Tesla, led by 45-year-old tycoon and futurist Elon Musk, was worth $49bn (£38bn), compared with a paltry $46bn for the empire built by Henry Ford. - The Guardian

President Trump's naval commander for Asia warned yesterday that there would be no easy victory in a war with North Korea, and that the economic damage would be felt across the world. Admiral Scott Swift, head of the US Pacific Fleet, spoke after Mr Trump gave his strongest hint that he was contemplating military action over the nuclear and missile programmes embarked upon by the Kim regime. - The Times

The head of JP Morgan has admitted he will not move many jobs out of Britain in the next two years as a result of Brexit, in a U-turn on his pre-referendum warning that a vote to leave the European Union could mean as many as 4,000 jobs moving across the Channel. Jamie Dimon, chairman and chief executive of the Wall Street giant, said that the bank will need to obtain licences and permissions to operate across the EU, but that it can still service European clients from the UK. - The Daily Telegraph

Toshiba has been forced to buy out the French utility Engie from a project to build three nuclear reactors in Moorside, northwest England, further straining the Japanese company's finances and adding to uncertainty over the project. Engie said on Tuesday it was exercising its right to sell its 40% stake in the NuGen venture to Toshiba following the bankruptcy of the Japanese firm's Westinghouse nuclear power plant business. Toshiba will pay 15.3bn yen ($138.5m) for the stake. - The Guardian

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Paychex Inc. 59.75 2.68 22:35
Seagate Technology Plc 33.57 2.60 22:49
Lam Research Corp. 176.73 2.58 22:53

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Tesla Inc 351.09 -4.20 23:10
Incyte Corp. 110.85 -3.65 23:04
Mattel Inc. 14.52 -3.20 23:01
NetEase Inc. Ads 271.61 -2.16 22:34
Kraft Heinz Co. 77.52 -1.89 22:35